Why Did I Switch To Vivaldi?

by Serhatergul

I have always been an open-source devotee. I have tried to make use of free and/or open-source software all the time. While back in college, this initiative saved me lots of money and I was capable of doing whatever’s necessary.

Since Google’s becoming the E-Corp of our reality, I avoided Chrome and pushed myself to use Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla is great at promoting privacy among internet users, yet Firefox isn’t that great when it comes to browsing. Firefox doesn’t feel like a quantum project but rather like an ancient thinker’s ideas of the universe.

Since my adored browser Opera has lost its way, I decided to give Vivaldi a shot. Now, I feel like inside an exciting idea that I first met back when Opera browser was a community of helpful people.

Vivaldi also has an interconnected community, blogging and even a mail service. They are definitely far from perfect, yet they are priceless since all those gifts are from our friends at Vivaldi.

Vivaldi Browser
That’s how my awesome browser look like. 😎